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Course overview

You’ve heard the saying “Curiosity killed the cat,” right? But did you know that it actually has another line: “Satisfaction brought it back”? Being curious is often warned against, in case the outcome of that curiosity isn’t favorable. But for successful entrepreneurs, curiosity is vital, and satisfaction is the prize.

Curiosity is the thirst for knowledge. The desire to learn and understand new things, and to ask questions to figure out the “how” and, crucially, the “why.” It helps you expand your mind, challenge ideas, and find fresh thinking. It allows you to problem-solve more effectively and discover what might be possible, instead of just what’s feasible. And it’s an essential tool in your entrepreneur’s tool kit.

What's covered

Why being curious in entrepreneurship is important

How to use questioning to expand understanding and creativity

How to improve your curiosity

Why your teams need this course

The more questions you ask, the more likely you are to find answers. This comes with the added bonus of new knowledge and perspectives, which can be called upon when you need them. For all budding entrepreneurs or anyone looking to expand their thinking, this course can help. It will show you why curiosity is vital for discovery and innovation, and how to improve your curiosity and use questions to achieve results.

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