The Power of Imagination


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Course overview

Remember being a kid? Anything was possible. Ball stuck on the roof? No problem, you’d just fly up there like a superhero. But as adults, imagination gets replaced with common experiences. And drawing on those experiences, instead of using your imagination to problem-solve, becomes a barrier to progress and problem-solving.

Because they have no hindering adult experiences, children think without boundaries. They use their imagination to problem-solve like superheroes and look at everything in fresh, new ways. In business, these imaginative skills are crucial for success. If everyone approached problem-solving like children do, the world would be a much more innovative place.

What's covered

Why imagination in business is important

How imagination aids problem-solving in any business

How to develop your imagination skills

Why your teams need this course

Successful entrepreneurs embrace their inner child, harnessing the power of imagination, to turn visions into realities and use fresh thinking to problem-solve. And the brilliant thing about imagination is everyone has it. You just need to rediscover it! Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned leader wanting to refresh, this course can help. It will examine the role of imagination in business and why it’s crucial for growth. It’ll also offer some useful advice on how to harness the powers that your imagination holds.

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