The Power of Data Visualization


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Course overview

We live in a digital age, where everything can be optimized to make it more efficient. And data plays a huge role in that. But the fact there’s so much data means digital optimization just isn’t enough. Businesses need to do more to keep up. That’s where digital transformation comes in. And a vital part of successful digital transformation is data visualization

Data visualization presents information and data in an attention-grabbing, accessible visual form. Converting complicated data sets into striking but comprehensible graphs, charts, and diagrams, allows you to understand data better and use it to make informed decisions more easily.

What's covered

How data visualization enables digital transformation

The benefits of data visualization in digital transformation

How to create data visualizations to aid digital transformation

Why your teams need this course

Data is a powerful tool for any business and its employees. But to push that extra step further into real digital transformation, it’s vital to know how to present data correctly. Anyone who wants to use data, and create data visualizations, to assist with digital transformation, can benefit from this course.

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