The Power of Google Analytics 4


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No. of mini-lessons 4

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Course overview

Google Analytics is a wonder of modern data collection. It gathers all sorts of data about how people are using the company website. Then it turns all the boring numbers into neat-looking graphics that are easier to read. Amazing, right? But what do they all mean, and why are they important?

Well, in marketing, Google Analytics can be the key to supercharging your advertising campaigns. But for it to be an effective tool, you need to be familiar with its key elements, such as reporting and funnel analysis. And it’s a powerful platform for your teams to use before, during, and after a campaign, to keep building and improving your company’s marketing strategy.

What's covered

The key elements of Google Analytics for marketing purposes

The key benefits of using Google Analytics for marketing

How to use Google Analytics to inform marketing decisions

Why your teams need this course

Google Analytics is a powerful business and marketing tool, but only if it’s used correctly. This course is for anyone working on a marketing team. It’ll explain some key elements of Google Analytics and look at why they’re important, as well as demonstrating how they can be used effectively.

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