The Marketing Funnel – From the Top to the Bottom


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Course overview

You know that saying, “Cast your net wide”? Well, that’s the best way to begin a marketing campaign. When you start building consumer relationships, you invite as many people as possible to view your product. But, as with fishing, not everyone is going to bite. That’s where the marketing funnel comes in.

The marketing funnel is a great tool for helping your marketing teams visualize your customer’s journey from first interest to final purchase. It helps you and your marketing team understand why some customers remain engaged throughout the whole buying process, and others don’t. Using marketing funnels effectively will help you target relevant buyers, nurture customers, and build loyalties.

What's covered

The key stages of the marketing funnel

The benefits and limitations of the marketing funnel in the digital age

How to create your own funnel to fit your marketing strategy

Why your teams need this course

This course can help marketing managers, marketing executives, and senior leaders to create a strong marketing strategy. They’ll explore the key stages of the marketing funnel, and recognize the pros and cons of using this tool within changing digital markets. They’ll also be able to create your own funnel to fit your company’s marketing goals.

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