Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing


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Course overview

Think about the last product you discovered that made you smile. Maybe it was something you ate because your friend recommended it, or a song suggested to you on a music streaming website. It probably wasn’t something you heard about from a cold caller. Products and services don’t always require in-your-face advertising, but how do you choose the right approach?

Marketing teams need to know the benefits of both outbound and inbound marketing tactics. In today’s digital world, buyers have more say in how they want to be sold to and often prefer inbound techniques to outbound methods. This course will show your marketing teams how to put themselves in your customers’ shoes and choose the best marketing approach for their needs.

What's covered

The benefits of inbound and outbound marketing techniques

The limitations of outbound marketing in the digital world

How to create strategies to introduce a more human and helpful inbound approach to marketing

Why your teams need this course

This course will help marketing executives, marketing managers, and senior leaders see the benefits in both techniques. It’ll help them identify the limitations that outbound marketing can face in the digital world and create strategies to promote a more holistic inbound approach.

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