The Power of Pillar Pages


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Course overview

In ancient Greece and Egypt, things were built to last. Many of their monuments are still standing, despite being thousands of years old. The foundations of a business website should be just as strong. In the modern world, it’s all too easy for a website to disappear into the depths of search-engine rankings. One of the simplest ways to avoid this, is through pillar pages.

Your teams can use pillar pages to give a clear overview of a website, while also providing links to related content. Good pillar pages can help people navigate the company website easily, encourage users to engage with the business, and boost search-engine rankings. This course will show your marketing teams how.

What's covered

The benefits to user experience that pillar pages offer

How pillar pages can promote the company’s digital rankings

How to create and manage your own pillar pages

Why your teams need this course

This course can help marketing managers, marketing executives, and senior leaders. They’ll learn about the benefits of pillar pages and discover how to boost search engine rankings. They’ll also learn to create and manage their own pillar pages to help users interact with the company online.

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