The Purpose of UX and UI in Learning


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Course overview

The “smart” coffee machine’s beeping obnoxiously, you can’t reach that app in the corner of your phone screen, and you’re stuck in an endless loop of links. No one likes badly designed experiences. Whatever your product, a seamless experience is vital, or you’ll lose your users quickly. Quality learning programs are no different, especially now businesses are increasingly reliant on digital learning tools. 

UX and UI are essential in creating great digital learning experiences. The terms UX, User Experience and UI, User Interface design, are often used interchangeably, but they’re quite different. They work together to create learning programs that are easy to use, used often, and result in high-quality learning, satisfaction, and retention.

What's covered

The differences, and overlap, in UI and UX functions

The importance of great UI and UX in creating exceptional learning content

The fundamental principles of User Experience (UX)

Why your teams need this course

This course is a must for everyone working in L&D. It’s also useful to anyone working in HR and leadership. They’ll understand the differences between UX and UI and how they work together to create quality learning experiences. They’ll also gain some solid strategies to incorporate into the business’s learning design process.