The Risks of Shadow IT


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The word “shadow” doesn’t usually come with anything good attached to it. Nope, we’re more likely to think about lurking monsters and shady characters. So it’s no surprise to learn that Shadow IT is sometimes feared, too, especially by IT teams. To be honest, it can have some pretty scary risks to the business you work for.

But it’s not all black and white. Knowing more about Shadow IT will help you avoid unnecessary security risks and data breaches, which can also mean avoiding huge fines and potential disciplinary action, too. This course has been designed to explain exactly what Shadow IT is.

What's covered

What Shadow IT is

When it’s appropriate to use forms of Shadow IT

The risks of Shadow IT

Why your teams need this course

Taking this course will help protect employees and the company from hackers, potential data breaches, financial liabilities, as well as operational malfunctions in the IT systems.

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