The Transition from Team Leader to Manager


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Course overview

When promoting a team leader to a place in management, it’s quite natural that, mixed in with the elation, there are probably a few nerves and a little anxiety. It’s a big step up, after all, and they’ll want to get it right. Moving into management is a big career progression, but it also means taking on a lot more responsibility and added pressure. 

It can take time to iron out the kinks and work out how to tackle all those new challenges, but with a little preparation, the transition from team leader to manager can be as smooth as possible. This course, will help learners on how to move from team leader to manager with minimal stress and upheaval.

What's covered

Recognizing the key skills necessary when transitioning into a management role

Taking practical steps to develop the necessary skills when transitioning into a management role

Adopting behaviors to empower your team

Why your teams need this course

This course is ideally suited for people who are moving from a more minor leadership role into a central management team. This is a big leap in terms of career, so they are probably looking for all the tips and advice they can get during the transition. By taking this course, they’ll learn key skills to transition to their new role and adopt behaviors to empower their team.

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