Types of Discrimination


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When a person is singled out or treated unfairly because of certain characteristics, that’s discrimination. But did you know there are also different types of discrimination an individual might experience, such as workplace policies that apply to all employees but actually place some people at an unfair disadvantage?

It’s really important to understand the different ways that people can experience discrimination, and that’s true for the workplace as well. This way, employees can defend themselves and each other while making sure they don’t treat anyone in a way that is discriminatory and wrong. 

What's covered

What discrimination is

The main types of discrimination

How people can be discriminated against

Why your teams need this course

We all have a role to play in making the world a safer and fairer place for everyone. It’s essential for all employees to understand how to define different types of discrimination in case they experience or witness them. It will also empower them to make sure they don’t contribute to a culture of discrimination through their own actions, both in and outside the workplace.