Using Open Source Tools Securely


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No. of mini-lessons 4

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Course overview

One of the most frustrating things about closed-source software tools is that, when a new version arrives, it’s different. And that difference usually ends up including the removal of something that needed to be used. So frustrating! So, your IT or developers teams end up spending hours changing work they’ve already done or searching for a way to get around it. And in business, wasting time like this can mean losing money.

Open-source tools offer a solution, though. They let them view, copy, and interact with the code, so they’ll always be certain that the tool they’re using is available. But they can pose some cybersecurity risks if they’re not used correctly. So, your employees need to know how to use open-source data securely.

What's covered

Open-source software and its potential uses

The potential risks of using open-source software

Key tips to ensure the secure use of open-source data

Why your teams need this course

This course is perfect for IT security specialists and developers, as it will examine the uses and risks of open-source software. And by using the advice in the course, they’ll be able to make sure any open-source tools they use are secure.