Well-being and Productivity


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Course overview

Our general well-being affects every part of our life, so it’s not rocket science to link general well-being and productivity at work. If you don’t feel great or have something on your mind, then you can’t be completely focused on your job. As a result, productivity will fall.

In an ideal world, things would always run smoothly but, sadly, life’s not like that. Thankfully, there are solutions, and adopting them in your workplace will have positive effects on well-being and, ultimately, productivity.

What's covered

What is meant by “general well-being”, and how it affects productivity

How to implement small changes to boost productivity

How leaders can be well-being role models

well-being productivity online training course

Why your teams need this course

Looking after your well-being, both in and out of work, is vital. The better you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally, the more productive you’ll be, so it’s worth investing time in. This course will give you some useful advice about working on your well-being. Every worker can benefit from taking this course. However, managers and persons in charge should also pay close attention, as this course will show how small steps can make big improvements to your employees’ well-being and your company’s productivity.

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