Wi-Fi Security


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Course overview

Interesting fact: the word Wi-Fi doesn’t actually have any meaning. The word became the brainchild of a brand consultancy firm, when it was decided that its real name, “IEEE 802.11,” wasn’t exactly catchy. That’s fair enough. But with more than 22 billion Wi-Fi enabled devices currently active in the world, it’s natural that some are susceptible to hacking or disruptions by criminals.

The internet is so widely used that you can access it from almost anywhere in the world. Wi-Fi networks make that access faster and easier than ever. Individuals and companies rely on having uninterrupted Wi-Fi networks. Imagine life without it! Unfortunately, unless your networks are well protected, they’re in danger of being exploited. This course is here to help your teams protect them.

What's covered

The basics of how Wi-Fi works and why it can be disrupted

The potential consequences of failing to secure your network

How to implement practical ways to secure your network

wi-fi security online training course

Why your teams need this course

We all use Wi-Fi technology these days, whether at home or at work. That means everyone has a potential security risk to deal with. To ignore the issue is to invite criminals into your home or place of business and let them take whatever they want. It’s extremely important to secure your Wi-Fi networks, and this course will help.

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