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What is customer training?

Customer training (also referred to as customer education or customer enablement) is any training offered to customers so they can use an organization’s product or service to its full capacity.

Assist and support your customers solve potential problems, before they encounter any, by offering the right customer training program on your customer training LMS. With customer training programs, you don’t only set up your customers for success, but your business, too.

Customer training is not just an onboarding process

While onboarding is a crucial part of the customer journey, it’s not the first and final stop. To add extra value to your business, think of customer training as a process that extends through the entire life cycle of a customer.

A new customer will need different training than a customer who has been using your product or service for months or even years. Examples of a customer training program then include onboarding, guided tutorials, webinars, as well as ongoing training.

A project management software company, for example, would offer onboarding training to new customers. This type of training will show customers how to start using the product. The same software company can then offer ongoing customer training to keep customers updated on new features, plus the more advanced capabilities of the product, as well as use cases.

What is customer training software?

Customer training software is key to transforming customer training. It’s simple to develop, deliver, and manage the training programs that turn customers into power users. Opting for a customer training LMS brings amazing benefits to the entire customer experience and your end business goals.

Customer experience benefits

  • Interactive and engaging learning experiences

  • Incorporated multimedia elements

  • Personalized learning opportunities

  • Flexible training, anytime, anywhere

  • Self-paced, on-demand training to accommodate customers’ schedules

  • Higher knowledge retention

Business benefits

  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Cost-effective training solution

  • Insightful training evaluation

  • Low customer support costs

  • Enhanced business competitiveness 

Customer training is essential for businesses

Let’s take a look in detail at why customer training is an amazing way to boost your business.

Higher customer satisfaction

Your customers can seamlessly use your product and services to their fullest potential, in the way you want them to, once they complete a customer training progam. Customers’ lives become easier in a way as your product/service brings value to them. And they’re happy and content. Thus, customer satisfaction levels increase.

Customer training will also help build confidence in the use of the product. This, in turn, will lead to customers discovering new ways to use your product that haven’t been considered by the creators, adding even more value.

Increased customer loyalty

Customer training programs are a great way of showing your customers that you want them to make the most out of your product/services. This gesture demonstrates high professionalism and respect towards the people that support your organization. As a result, your customers are more likely to stick with you and remain loyal.

Enhanced word-of-mouth advertising

Happy and loyal customers act as brand ambassadors who are willing to leave positive reviews online or spread the word about your product/services. It’s a cost-effective, reliable, and effortless way to advertise your business. Keep your customers satisfied by providing them with the necessary tools and information through customer training.

More opportunities for upselling

When your customers are satisfied from the overall experience of using one of your products or services, they are highly likely to trust your entire brand. As a result, they will potentially purchase more features, upgrades, or other products or services you offer, instead of a competitor’s.

Bigger revenue

Profit increases with the help of customer training. Satisfied and loyal customers bring more clients to your business, purchase more products and services, or features and renewals. At the same time, as your customer training answers their questions or helps with common problem-solving, you don’t need to invest in a big, costly customer support team.

Competitive advantage in the market

Modern businesses differentiate themselves by offering robust customer training programs through a customer training LMS. When customers are provided with customer training opportunities, tailored to their individual needs, they create a positive perception of your company. This greatly impacts your brand reputation.

A customer training LMS supports your sales team’s efforts

Well-rounded and engaging customer training through TalentLMS provides your customers with all the knowledge they need to fully exploit your products and services. But customer training also lends a super-helping hand in perfecting your sales teams and customers’ interactions.

  • Sales teams engage customers effectively, providing deeper insights and building stronger, lasting relationships.

  • Customer training through your LMS reduces sales cycles and improves deal closure rates.

  • Sales teams can focus on higher-value activities by equipping customers with self-service training resources.

  • Your business builds trust and credibility with customers through knowledgeable and confident sales teams.

Boost engagement, loyalty, and profit margins

The customer training LMS you can’t afford to miss out on

Your A-Z to selecting the right customer training LMS

There’s no one-fits-all approach when it’s time to choose your customer training software. So, what LMS features and factors should you consider when choosing customer training software? Below you can see some key LMS features to look for.

Intuitive user interface

Your customers need customer training software that’s simple, user-friendly, fast, and intuitive. Outdated, slow, and hard to navigate software can break your customer experience during learning. TalentLMS is a modern, user-friendly customer training platform than maximizes the engagement and satisfaction of your customers in their learning journey.

Content flexibility

Create, share, and edit training content in whatever format and length you want. TalentLMS supports your engaging and personalized customer training strategy, as training material can be delivered in any format you want, i.e. PDF, PPT, text, images, videos, HTML, SCORM, and more.

Dynamic learning

Forget about static, dull, and long-form training content, delivered in a passive way. Effective customer training programs should ensure a seamless, engaging, and exciting learning experience. The goal is, after all, for your learners to fully understand the training content.

And the best way to achieve that is to use a variety of training methods on TalentLMS, like:

  • Customized learning paths

  • ILT on integrated video-conferencing tools

  • Scenario-based learning

  • Microlearning

Gamification schemes

Friendly competition is a way of making learning fun, engaging, and effective. Gamification isn’t only for compliance or corporate training, but can be applied to customer training, too.

By using leaderboards and rewards (points, badges, etc) on TalentLMS you spark a competitive spirit between customers. They feel valued while recognizing or comparing their efforts on leaderboards with their peers, and then can share their progress, badges, or certifications on social media.

Mobile learning

Allow your customers to learn on the go, anytime, anywhere with a mobile-compatible customer training software, like TalentLMS.

Whether their devices run on iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, your customers can quickly access training material no matter where they are. For example, they can easily engage in bite-sized, ready-made video courses, while commuting to and from work.

Or, maybe the customer is having difficulty at the point of interaction, and firing up the LMS and accessing knowledge/training on proper use providesa quick solution.

Customize reporting

It’s crucial for your customer training efforts to be successful and effective if you truly wish your customers to build knowledge on your products/services. Evaluating the customer training program is a must.

By using custom reporting options on TalentLMS you can get insights on:

  • The impact of training on business objectives

  • Learner participation

  • Completion rates

  • Skills gaps

  • Areas for improvement


If your business has a particularly strong L&D culture you might want to share it wth to other people, outside of your organization. So, you can monetize this knowledge and selil it as an online course for other learners, through eCommerce on your LMS.

Pro factors to consider before choosing your LMS

Centralized learning

Moving corporate learning and development to a centralized software minimizes the need for outdated storage and management solutions. As a result you’re less likely to be spread too thin by spreadsheets, so data is readily available in just a few clicks.

Cost savings

Moving to an online employee training solution will save you both time and money (and you’ll be able to measure ROI more reliably). Your resources are precious – especially with tight training budgets. So opting for cost-effective software is a no-brainer. Plus, you’ll also see savings in instructor, venue, and travel costs.

Accessible anywhere

24/7, 365. Cloud computing creates a whole new aspect for learning. You’ll be able to collaborate on content creation, add instructors and learners remotely, and never need to slow down to train. Plus it’ll allow both you and your learners to easily access information and learning whenever, wherever.

Compliance and security

Downloadable reports make it easy to keep a provable log of compliance training. And, in an ever-changing legislative landscape, keeping your people up to date and safeguarding your org gets easier, too. Quickly update courses, and reassign them without breaking a sweat.

Which topics should customer training include?

For your customer training to be effective, and well-rounded, it’s important that you offer all the relevant training topics your customers need. Let’s take a look at the hottest topics you should deliver through your customer training LMS:

Product training

Give customers a better understanding of your product or services with product knowledge training. Offer training material on your customer training LMS that covers the following categories related to your product/services: product introduction, key features, solutions, use cases and core benefits.

Onboarding training

During onboarding and implementation training customers learn how to set up and use your product or service. This journey includes everything—sign up steps, activation, first use – in great detail. Even in their first use, customers receive great value, as they feel confident in a completely guided environment.

Customer support and troubleshooting

It’s impossible that your customers won’t have questions and queries while using your product or services. Conduct surveys through your customer training LMS to find out the common pain points customers might have. Then, collect FAQs and other issues your customers may have in collaboration with your customer support team.

Industry-specific training

Generic customer training might not be sufficient for your customer needs. Every industry has its own standards, best practices, and trends. Create an extra level of relevance between your product/services and the industry of your customers’ interest. Train them on how to best implement technologies and methodologies in their industry using your products and services.

Best practices for top-notch customer training

You now have a clear idea of the benefits of customer training, the right tools to achieve this in the most engaging and effective way, as well as the topics your training should elaborate on. But how do you start setting up your customer training strategy to deliver amazing results?

Here are some of the best practices you should follow for customer training that rocks!

  • Identify and understand customer needs

    Your products and services cater to diverse customer needs. For example, a time tracking tool serves businesses in pricing services and individuals in managing tasks, workload, and hobbies. Tailoring training programs to specific audiences ensures each customer receives relevant and useful information.

  • Develop clear and engaging training content

    Creating diverse training materials that align with various learning preferences is essential. Ensure your customer training content is clear, engaging, and easy to comprehend. Utilize TalentLMS to offer training in different formats such as video tours, presentations, and microlearning via TalentLibrary’s pre-made courses. Foster engagement through concise content, social learning tools like discussion boards and live conferences, and gamification elements for enjoyable learning experiences, complete with shareable certifications.

  • Personalize the learning experience

    Recognize that learners have varying preferences and paces for learning, enhancing engagement and knowledge retention when training aligns with their choices. Personalize customer training via your LMS with tailored learning paths, regular self-assessments, and mobile learning options. Sustain engagement through automated notifications on TalentLMS, prompting participation, course completion, feedback, and more.

  • Foster community and collaboration

    Promote active learning by fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. Utilize TalentLMS’s discussion boards for peer interactions and integrate videoconferencing to host webinars, support meetings, and discussions, ensuring continuous learning within your community.

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