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Create the ultimate customer experience with online customer support training

Boost customer satisfaction and retention rates by transforming your customer support team with training. Your business will become more profitable and your team will grab every opportunity to solve problems and win customers -- for life. Use customer support training software to help you shape an unforgettable customer experience.

Why you should move your customer support training online

Customer support is one of the most hands-on and time-sensitive parts of your business. In many cases, support agents have only one opportunity to fix a problem and preserve a customer. Great customer support and care skills are paramount, but traditional training solutions don’t lend themselves to this fast-paced world.

By deploying online customer support training, you can elevate your entire customer support culture and for much less. Opting for online customer support training also:

  • Minimizes disruptions

    By moving your customer service representative training online agents have the freedom to choose when they can engage with customer support training courses. This reduces training disruptions and helps staff get back to work faster.

  • Reduces training costs

    The right customer support training software will reduce many training costs including travel, venue and instructor costs. And once developed, an online customer support training course can be used over and over again – without any additional costs.

  • Improves customer support

    As online training content is available at any time, customer support staff can consult the material whenever they want to refresh their memory. They can even use it on the job as an online customer support guide providing them with additional ways to offer the right answers.

  • Simplifies course creation

    Customer service training software streamlines course development. Course builders are usually intuitive and collaborative which keep development times down.

Provide the best customer support training to your employees with TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a learning management system that helps organizations deliver effective online customer support training. It’s also the only customer support training software at a reassuringly fair price. It comes chock-full with features that will simplify the way you design, deploy and manage your customer support training.

You'll love using these features:

  • User-centric interface

    All users will love using TalentLMS to engage with their online customer support training because of its intuitive interface and modern design.

  • Engaging gamification

    For a more dynamic customer support training program, enable TalentLMS’ gamification engine for access to points, badges and leaderboards.

  • Rich communication tools

    TalentLMS encourages communication with discussion forums and keeps your staff stay on schedule with personal messages and calendars.

  • Learning-on-the-go

    With TalentLMS’ native mobile apps (For iOS and Android) you can take your customer support training online and make it even more accessible to your staff.

  • Expert customer service

    TalentLMS’ expert customer support team will solve any challenges that arise as you plan and execute your training.

  • Stress-free maintenance

    TalentLMS needs no installation, maintenance, or backups for you to worry about. Our tech team takes care of all of those for you.

  • Smart administration

    TalentLMS automates administrative tasks for a hassle-free experience. Features like Single Sign-On and integrations with your favorite software minimize busywork.

  • One platform, three training methods

    Most customer support training takes a blended learning approach. TalentLMS can connect classroom-based learning as well as teleconferencing to your courses for better organization and accessibility.

  • Feature-rich content-builder

    TalentLMS simplifies the development of training material with a powerful content-builder. You can write and format original content, incorporate existing content, and embed all kinds of multimedia assets –without any problems. It’s also easy to keep your customer service training up to date as your product or services lineup changes.

  • Comprehensive report engine

    Reports put the right data about your online customer support training at your fingertips. TalentLMS’ report engine expertly tracks performance and delivers customized reports. And once your employees have completed their course, you can use TalentLMS to create and manage training certifications.

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What is customer support training?

Customer support training (otherwise known as customer service training) is the process of providing customer-facing employees with the right skills and techniques to deliver extraordinary customer service. These employees are on the front-line daily, representing your product or service.

Ideal customer support training should not only cover basics like how to chat to customers and product training but extend to pertinent abilities like problem solving skills training and complaint handling training. The ultimate goal? Building customer relationships so that customers stay loyal for life.

By providing superior training for customer support teams and delivering unforgettable customer service, you can catapult your company to the top.

The Many Types Of Customer Support Training

Who is customer support training for? It’s for any employee who interacts with a customer. Whether you have employees on the retail floor, behind a call center, or manning inboxes, you have the ideal candidates for customer service training. Here are a few of the most common customer support training examples:

  • Phone support

    Every customer call will be different, so employees who are on phone support need product training as well as more intensive customer service training, like listening, problem-solving and reassuring customers. For example, technicians in software companies need the right IT support skills to help customers use any tech-related product or service to its full potential.

  • Email support

    Customer support reps who use email, live chat, or any other type of written communication need different training than phone reps. For example., in tech support training it’s essential to teach clarity of language so that reps can communicate the solution clearly to customers.

  • Face-to-face support

    Whether in hospitality, finance or the retail industry, a large part of customer service will be done in person. It’s crucial to arm employees with soft skills that create meaningful connections with customers and offer them a world-class experience.


We faced a difficult challenge and always had a lingering burden to conclude all of our training sessions conducted for the Customer Service team. We never had a solution for effectively measuring their performance on job knowledge or processes prior to TalentLMS.

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Rosetta Stone

Our customer service department was able to organize all of our training resources without any hassle and created customized courses quickly to begin training new employees, fulfilling our needs completely.

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The significant benefits of customer support training

In saturated markets rife with competition, great customer service can set apart an organization from the crowd. So, don’t ignore the importance of customer support training because you get these benefits:

  • Customer satisfaction goes up

    One of the benefits of customer support training is that teams are equipped with the right tools, skills and competencies to consistently impress customers.

  • Businesses become more profitable

    When customer satisfaction and retention rates rise, so do profits. Customer support training creates the opportunities for your support agents to offer extraordinary service that makes customers for life.

  • Customer retention rises

    It costs six to seven times more to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one. By delighting customers and solving problems efficiently the benefits of customer support training expand to keeping retention rates strong and decreasing churn rates.

  • Businesses become more agile

    Customer support training can even speed up time to market. A well-honed customer service training program prepares customer support staff for new products, so they are up-to-date as products are launched.

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