Affordable luxury: TalentLMS wins Capterra’s “Most Affordable LMS” ranking
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Affordable luxury: TalentLMS wins Capterra’s “Most Affordable LMS” ranking

It used to be that you got what you paid for. If you wanted the best, you had to pay some pretty penny for it. Like, you couldn’t get a Mercedes for the price of a Yugo. And, with cars, you still can’t. But with software, it’s different.

You see software, unlike physical products, doesn’t have a raw cost for each copy. Heck, with cloud-based software, you don’t even need DVDs or a box to sell it in. You just have the costs of developing it and keeping the servers running, both of which have huge economies of scale.

That’s why software like TalentLMS can be so affordable. Case in point, our starter plan, at $59 per month for up to 40 users, comes down to a little over a dollar per user. You probably spend 5 times as much per day just for coffee.

TalentLMS brings expensive features in an affordable package

But don’t just take our word for it. Ask Capterra, the hugely popular website for business software reviews and guides, that awarded us the 1st price for the most affordable LMS Software.

The ranking, which you can see here, was based on each LMS’ average monthly cost, total number of features offered for that cost, and customer reviews.

TalentLMS soared past the competition with 4.5/5 stars for Functionality, 4.5/5 stars for Overall Quality and 5/5 stars for Value, resulting in a 96/100 total score — and the 1st place!

Capterra also lists some of the features that TalentLMS supports, which combined with the “Most Affordable LMS” award, read as if a top of the line BMW got the “most affordable car” award: Course management, Completion tracking, Learner portal, SCORM, compliance, Course authoring, Assessment tools, Learning paths, Blended learning, Compliance management, Mobile learning, Webinar integration, Branding, Social learning.

And still, TalentLMS has way more features than that

And not just small things either!

As complete as it may be, this list doesn’t include many of our great features that you’ve shown through the years matter to you, like our support for reporting, infographic creation, multiple branches, microlearning, offline learning, eCommerce, survey engine, gamification, file management, certifications and SSO.

Not to mention the numerous integration options, and TalentLMS’ enterprise-ready REST API. Oh, and our fully native mobile clients for iOS and Android.

We are very proud that TalentLMS is being recognized not just as a great corporate training platform, but also as an affordable one — a platform that enables businesses, big and small, to embrace eLearning. And we will continue to make sure that when you subscribe to TalentLMS, you get way more than what you pay for.

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