9 creative ways to revitalize outdated online training courses
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9 creative ways to revitalize outdated online training courses

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Is your online training content getting stale? Looking for cost-effective ways to modernize your training activities? In this article, I share 9 resourceful ways to revitalize outdated online training courses.

How to revitalize outdated online training courses

Employees are looking for interactive online training resources that are helpful and that focus on practical application. But you may be missing the mark if you’ve let L&D fall by the wayside. It takes modern, user-friendly content to engage and motivate employees. This way, they can get the most from your online training program.

But how do you breathe new life into your online training without spending a small fortune or enduring lengthy overhauls? Here are 9 creative ways to do just that.

1. Add eye-catching visuals

Sometimes all it takes is some attention-grabbing images and graphics to revitalize outdated content. The text itself may still be relevant. However, modern technology has made your aesthetics stale and out of touch with employees’ needs. Check your authoring tool for any assets you can use in your course design, or look online for free or low-cost media ideally suited to the subject matter.

2. Create a microlearning library

Microlearning libraries offer employees the just-in-time training resources they need to do their jobs effectively. But these repositories are also a great way to update online training content and make it more modern. You can even repurpose existing resources to create bite-sized online support tools.

For example, you can transform an outdated webinar or presentation into a series of training tutorials. Simply add interactive components, such as embedded links to external guides or eLearning simulations.

3. Develop a fresh eLearning template

When was the last time you updated your eLearning course templates? It’s wise to regularly refresh your course layout to incorporate modern tech and cater to today’s corporate learning needs.

Evaluate your current template. Look for elements that have worn out their welcome, or start from scratch to create new and improved eLearning templates to extend the shelf life even further. You can also look for layouts online or in your authoring tool library if you don’t have time to build one from the ground up.

4. Integrate real-world online training activities

Online training simulations and branching scenarios allow employees to practice their skills and learn from their mistakes. They also tie into real-world situations and challenges that they encounter in the modern workplace. So, they are a great addition to online training courses that require a major overhaul. You can even use real-world examples and case studies to make it more relevant.

9 Creative ways to revitalize outdated online training courses - TalentLMS

5. Use infographics

Infographics are visually compelling online training tools that enhance comprehension and knowledge retention. They also highlight current trends and topics that are meaningful to your employees. And they do it without you having to scrap your existing online training resources and start from scratch. For example, use an infographic to showcase the new company dress code.

6. Add social learning tools

Social learning enhances the benefits of your course and gives employees the immediate support they need. Incorporate online discussions, social media groups, corporate eLearning blogs, and video sharing platforms into your eLearning course design to spark online interactions.

Add social media icons to your existing layout and encourage employees to visit your page to discover valuable tips and tricks. You can even use group activities that allow them to benefit from peer-based feedback and knowledge sharing.

7. Host live online training events

Webinars and other live online training events happen in real time. They feature current topics, events, and ideas that resonate with corporate learners. Try to host at least one live eLearning event every month to get employees actively involved. Or schedule social media Q&As that allow employees to address concerns as quickly as possible. Make sure to let employees know well in advance, so that they can prepare and adjust their schedules accordingly.

8. Gamify it

This strategy is a bit more involved. But it can yield a variety of benefits that justify the time and resources spent. Analyze your current online training course and determine how to incorporate gamification elements, such as badges, points, or levels that boost employee motivation. Leaderboards are another good way to spark friendly competition and engage corporate learners. Lastly, serious games serve as effective knowledge reinforcers. After each activity, add a serious game that measures employee knowledge and summarizes the key ideas.
There’s a variety of eLearning authoring tools that feature templates, so that you can gamify the training experience even with no graphic design experience.

9. Re-evaluate employee gaps and learning goals

Learning preferences, goals, and expectations evolve over time. So, it’s relatively easy for organizations to fall out of touch with their employees’ needs.

This is why you must get feedback from time to time, and re-evaluate your online training strategy. You might also analyze your LMS metrics to find pain points and determine the best course of action. You can conduct eLearning assessments to identify skill, knowledge, and performance gaps. All this data helps you determine how your current online training course falls short of expectations.

For example, eLearning assessment results show that your employees struggle with compliance protocols. After evaluating your training content, you might discover that demo videos and online training tutorials are out of date. Refresh these online training resources so that they reflect the current rules and regulations.


Don’t let outdated online training content devalue the training experience. Use these tips to revitalize your training courses and fully engage your remote employees. If you’re searching for new ways to put your old eLearning content to good use, these tips will help you repurpose your eLearning content for modern learners.

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