White labeling your training portal: The what, why, and how
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White labeling your training portal: The what, why, and how

In the simpler times of yore, “corporate branding” meant a company having their own logo and customized letterhead. Nowadays, branding encompasses all aspects of a company’s public image, from its offices and retail space designs to its website(s), social media channels, and product packaging.

With the advent of Cloud services, and Software as a Service (SaaS), corporate branding can extend to any kind of third-party online service that a company offers its employees, partners, or customers.

In this post, we are going to examine this practice, known as “white labeling”, in the context of online training. Namely, what it is, why you might want to consider it, and the kind of options a white-label LMS, like TalentLMS, can give you.

What does “white label” mean?

To “white label” an online service (in our case, your online training portal), simply means to put your own logo and branding on it.

The name is derived from commercial products in unmarked (“white”) packaging that get branded and sold by different retailers with their custom trade dress.

As we’ve hinted at in our introduction, all kinds of products and SaaS offerings are available for white labeling, from enterprise ERP and CRM tools to online learning platforms like TalentLMS.

Which brings us to our next topic: why go through the trouble of white labeling?

The benefits of white labeling your LMS

First, of all, it’s not any trouble at all. With a good white-label LMS it should be trivial to drastically alter the look and feel of your training portal, and have it fully respect your corporate identity. (We’ll get back to this in the next section, where we’ll see how easy it is to white label your TalentLMS portal).

Now, as to the reasons for white labeling your portal:

– Corporate brand reflection

Whether your training portal is used strictly within your corporate environment (e.g. for new hire onboarding and employee training), or as a public facing portal for customer and partner training, it should be part of your brand identity.

An LMS allowing for a custom theme can take you quite far in achieving this, but a proper white-label LMS gives you complete control in this area — allowing to eliminate any vendor references whether they are in the domain name, UI, or other assets.

– Personalized learning

A white-label LMS allows you to personalize your eLearning environment to fit a specific occasion or customer type.

With white-label online courses, you can have different looks for event-specific training or for training courses aimed at different audiences (partners vs customers, clients vs students, etc.).

White-label LMS - The Case of TalentLMS

– Market recognition

If you run your own online training business, offering paid courses and subscriptions, you should naturally opt for white labeling your LMS.

This lets you differentiate your offerings as an eLearning institution from those of the LMS vendor, leading to stronger market recognition and increased customer loyalty.

– Value-added bundling

If you cater to specialized markets as a value-added eLearning solutions provider, white labeling allows you to offer a uniquely branded end-to-end solution without having to go through the enormous task of implementing your own full-blown LMS platform.

Instead, you can leverage an existing industry-leading white-label business training platform, such as TalentLMS, and focus on where you can provide the most added value for your customers (e.g. in content creation, integrations, training, support, etc.).

– Hides vendor ties

Some public facing eLearning deployments, like those from government organizations, nonprofits, and NGOs, either can’t or don’t want to reveal the names of the vendors involved.

A white-label portal allows them to take full control of the design, presentation, and branding of their eLearning portals.

How can you white label your TalentLMS portal

TalentLMS is known as an industry-leading corporate training and commercial eLearning platform.

What is, perhaps, less known, is that it can also serve as a white-label eLearning platform, one whose strong white-labeling options enable numerous customers to deploy advanced eLearning solutions to their users under their own branding.

So, what exactly is included in TalentLMS white-labeling options? A better question would be, what isn’t included.

You can:

– Use your own domain name
– Customize the logo and favicon
– Use a custom portal theme
– Change the UI language and messages
– Customize the homepage layout
– Add new pages and links
– Use your own email address (for system notifications)
– Customize notifications text
– Use custom designed certificates

With TalentLMS’ Branches feature, you can even build individually branded and customized sub-portals (e.g. to cater to different training programs, departments, clients, markets, regions, etc.).

Last, but not least, you can also customize the TalentLMS mobile apps for iOS and Android with your own logo, splash-screen, colors, and domain name.

If you’re interested in a more detailed breakdown of white labeling your TalentLMS-based portal, please refer to this article.


A white-label platform for eLearning allows your training portal to reflect your corporate identity and help project a more polished image to your customers and partners, and increase brand recognition.

Make sure you find a white-label LMS that can seamlessly integrate with your other online properties and customize your portal to fit your needs.

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