6. Assess

6.3 How to iterate successfully

The previous section provided an example where course defects are detected using the reporting and tracking tools of the LMS. Improvements made in increments are actually the final aspect of instructional design. As we said earlier, not surprisingly, the phase is never completed. There are several other evaluation procedures. Quality management documents are freely available on the Internet.

These are checklists for instructional designers and clients to ensure quality standards for learning have been adhered to. Another popular standard is USA Section 508 standards. These govern policies that require instructional designers to create disability and impairment friendly learning materials. Specific trainings have their own evaluation procedures. Once a course is complete, it is subjected to its evaluation criteria and revised to satisfy all guidelines. Michael Allen, the eLearning expert suggests the following ten iterations to perform before launching your eLearning course: Before you pitch the course to your audience, walk through with your subject matter expert and instructional designer to ensure all elements of the course are neatly tied together.

These are some of the touch points to look for: