4. Market

4.1 How to market your courses internally?

Why should I bother with marketing?

Marketing is the only vehicle to get your course out of your office to the learner’s workspace! Marketing is as easy as sending an email and as tough as organizing an orientation seminar on the course. The challenge, common to both marketing strategies, is attracting the learners and stakeholders and convincing them that you have a great value in store for them. How would you accomplish that? Considering your meagre exposure to marketing, let alone your first attempt at developing an eLearning course, how can you push this course across all barriers? Think over the learning goals of your eLearning course. Write them down. Think over the organization’s learning needs. Jot them down next to the learning goals. What you have there is a potential, in-the-raw marketing campaign. Combine them together to demonstrate value in terms of ROI and job performance. Don’t forget the Public Relations team. Rein them in for more productive marketing ideas. Now you know where to begin!

Remember about your audience

When you designed your marketing campaign, who did you have in mind? What was your aim? Obviously, the answer to the latter is to convince learners that your eLearning course will change their life. However, without knowing your audience/learners you won’t be able to accomplish much. Talk to operational managers and team leads to learn more about your learners – the employees. Is there a learning preference? For example, can they read and write at college level, or do they depend on visual cues to perform? Factors like these will make or break your course design. Establish learning goals that are measurable (getting at least 80% correct in quizzes). Another fantastic method that has been doing wonders for us since elementary school, is public recognition. No matter who your audience is, what their background, deep down we are all humans, hungry for praise and recognition. Use these proven strategies to promote your course to your audience. Create a method to showcase the first enrollment and the first course completed. Award certificates they can brag about. Promise more projects for certified/trained employees. Provide a visually enticing professional development growth chart to your team. Deliver your promises. If there is anything worse than being inconsistent – it’s not practicing a recognition method at all!

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