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4.2 How to reward users?

Great motivator

We mentioned in the previous sections, the impact of public recognition as a positive reinforcement of the learner’s behavior. If you are seriously thinking of taking rewards up one level – consider analyzing your learners. If you recall Gardner’s various multiple intelligences – you will recognize how unique our thought processes are. Rewarding a linguistic learner (who enjoys reading and gathering information) with tickets to a baseball game will be unfair to both the winner and another learner who is kinesthetic (enjoys moving around and physical activities).

Congratulations! You have impressed your learners. Your next course is already being anticipated.

Get some help!

Regardless of your encouraging and coaxing method, if you really want an intellectual organization, you will find a million methods to achieve it. Remember, you are not alone in this noble task. Be in touch with the Human Resources department as well as senior managers. They are your best source for ideas on motivating the unique culture in your organization. Meeting regularly enables exchange of ideas that are applicable in the current learning and working environment. As a training developer, your main task will be to liaison these knowledge sources in one room for a superior course planning, delivery and maintenance.

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