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The State of Customer Service: Customer satisfaction in crisis

Remember when the only way to reach a customer service representative was by phone? Well, those days are long gone. Today there are phones, emails, tickets, chats, chatbots; there’s a whole world of technologies patiently waiting to improve customer satisfaction.

How to achieve outstanding customer service: Experts share their secrets - TalentLMS

What’s more interesting is that, nowadays, companies don’t invest in just one channel to establish healthy communication with the customer.

Because customers today might want to ask a simple question on the phone, and request the full explanation via email. This is the state of customer service: the combination of different media to create a whole system ready to please the customer.

But something seems to be off.

Customer satisfaction in a downturn

According to a series of annual reports conducted by LiveChat, customer satisfaction is not performing that great. After analyzing data from 25,000 companies across 19 industries that use live chat and tickets, the LiveChat team found that customer satisfaction is steadily collapsing.

To get an idea, in 2014, customer satisfaction scored 87.05%. In 2018, just 4 years later, the number was slightly higher than 82%.

Someone could argue that this screams how dissatisfied customers are with customer service, and the pool of ideas on how to improve customer satisfaction is now dry. But this isn’t exactly the case. It might only mean that customer expectations are changing. Because customers today expect more.

There are always exceptions

But despite this dive, there are still companies whose outstanding customer service departments have upped their game by doing some pretty impressive work when communicating with their customers.

In this book, we got in touch with five of the most dynamic tech companies. We delved into their customer support strategy, the way they train their employees, and we learned all the tricks they use to keep their team motivated.

In the first 5 chapters of this eBook, you’ll learn how SurveyMonkey, Wrike, Miro, PieSync, and Zapier improved their customer experience training and processes to offer their customers a truly excellent experience.

In the eBook’s conclusion, customer experience futurist Blake Morgan gives us her take on where customer experience is going. She reveals the future of customer service, the importance of customer satisfaction, the impact of technology and AI, as well as essential customer service training ideas and tips.

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