Commercial and Product Awareness


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Course overview

Do your retail employees ever feel lost or even embarrassed when customers ask about a competitor or a new product and they simply don’t know the answer? If they’re confused about your industry, they can’t give your customers the excellent service they expect. Luckily, your staff can fix those gaps in their knowledge by developing commercial and product awareness.

Knowing more about the industry they work in and the products they’re selling will boost their effectiveness as retail workers. They can use commercial awareness to benefit customers, co-workers, and your organization. And they need to show in-depth product awareness to satisfy your customers’ curiosity and clinch sales.

What's covered

How commercial and product awareness can improve sales performance and customer service

How to apply commercial awareness to your retail position to add value to your customers and organization

How to demonstrate product awareness in your retail role to offer a great retail service

Why your teams need this course

This course is perfect for retail assistants or retail executives who want to develop in their roles. They’ll learn what’s meant by commercial and product awareness. They’ll also be able to use their commercial awareness to give added value in their role, and show greater product awareness to your customers.

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