Covert Crypto Mining


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Course overview

Imagine if your neighbor broke into your house while you’re at work to “borrow” your electricity. You’d be pretty annoyed! After all, you never said they could use it, and they’d end up costing you a lot of money.

Now imagine someone’s “borrowing” your computer’s power to solve complex equations without you even realizing it. That’s basically what covert crypto mining or “cryptojacking” is. This course will help everyone understand the basics of cryptocurrency, how cryptojacking works, and how you can avoid it.

What's covered

How cryptocurrency works and what is meant by “mining”

What cryptojacking is and how to recognize the signs it's happening

Ways to prevent cryptojacking

Why your teams need this course

The world of crypto is new and can be confusing, which means people can be easily exploited without their knowledge. This course, suitable for anyone, will give the learners a beginner's guide to the world of cryptocurrency and ensure they’re prepared to combat this new type of hacking.

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