Creating Your Pipeline


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Course overview

When it comes to selling, your salespeople have got the knowledge, the attitude; what more could the need? Every great salesperson should start by creating their pipeline – building their process from the ground up to ensure they’re working from solid foundations.

A sales pipeline is simply a summary of available and upcoming sales opportunities your salespeople can use to better determine key things: any bottlenecks in the sales funnel, projected cash flow, and ultimately to determine the revenue that will be generated. In order for your salespeople to make real headway improving their sales performance, they need to start creating their pipeline. This course is designed to show them where to start.

What's covered

The components of a “pipeline”

How to move sales along the pipeline, from audience research to making a meeting plan

Creating your own pipeline

creating your pipeline online training course

Why your teams need this course

Salespeople need to understand exactly what is meant by a “pipeline”. It’s a common word in the industry, which represents a sales technique they need to know. This course has been designed to give your sales teams the foundations to create their own pipeline. It’ll also give them advice and tips on how to start their pipeline from generating and qualifying leads, as well as moving their sales along the pipeline.

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