Sales Listening Skills


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Course overview

It’s not always easy to focus on what your customer is saying. You might be thinking about your next meeting, your phone ringing or your email pinging. These distractions happen regularly, after all. It’s natural that your concentration can lapse when you aren’t actively listening. But if you don’t, your regular sales pitch is less likely to be effective. You need to hear what they have to say for a better result.

Listening effectively during the sales process is an essential skill. It’ll help you earn mutual trust, connect and build relationships, make fewer mistakes, and even enhance your product and customer knowledge. It’s also great for improving your social skills and increasing your overall sales performance. This course will explain how to listen effectively.

What's covered

The difference between hearing and listening, and how this applies to increasing sales

Effective sales listening techniques

The signs of poor listenings to avoid

sales listening skills online training course

Why your teams need this course

Everyone should brush up on their listening skills, but especially those working in sales who want to close that deal. Listening effectively allows them to better understand customers' problems, so they can solve them. This course will teach your sales team how to become effective “active” listeners. It will also give tips and techniques they can use all the time, that’ll improve their whole sales pitch.

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