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Course overview

When technology evolves, it makes sense for the workforce to evolve with it. In recent years, the workforce is shifting to a remote or hybrid model of working. Employers are looking for new ways to support employees from their own homes. This can apply to how we choose to coach others.

The traditional model of coaching has been transformed: coaching now incorporates digital platforms. With digital coaching, you can support employees in a virtual space without being face to face. Digital coaching is a data-driven experience which can lead to numerous learning opportunities and benefits for your employees and organization.

What's covered

The differences between digital coaching and traditional coaching

How digital coaching works

The benefits of digital coaching

Why your teams need this course

When you’re coaching employees, it’s vital to understand how digital coaching can transform the learning process for the needs of your organization and the goals of your coachee. This course will explain the differences between digital and traditional coaching, how to utilize digital coaching for your business, and how to recognize the benefits of digital coaching.

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