Emotional Literacy


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Course overview

We all experience emotions. They’re an integral part of what makes us human. But knowing exactly what we are feeling and how to express it is something we all struggle with sometimes. Emotional literacy is all about learning to identify, understand, and express your emotions

Even when feelings are difficult or scary, they aren’t our enemies. Developing their emotional literacy will help your teams to express their own emotions, understand why they’re feeling them, and to control and direct them in a healthy way. It will also help them to read and relate to the feelings of others.

What's covered

What emotional literacy is

The benefits of emotional literacy

How to adopt behaviors to develop and improve emotional literacy

emotional literacy online training course

Why your teams need this course

We can all use emotional literacy to actively improve our well-being and that of those around us. Learning to identify, understand, and express their feelings will help your teams to collaborate more effectively and build healthy relationships inside and outside of the workplace. It can even help them to focus better on the task at hand.

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