Interpreting Body Language


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Course overview

We all know when someone isn’t telling us something. Maybe they avoid eye contact. Maybe they’ve made themselves seem smaller, or moved away from us. No matter what they’re saying, their body is giving you a very clear signal. 

You already pick up on more nonverbal cues than you’re aware of. Studies have shown that, when we communicate, the words we use only account for a small portion of the information conveyed. The majority is all to do with the visual elements. That’s body language and facial expressions. 

Understanding the importance of body language won’t help your teams read their colleagues’ minds, but it will give them great insight into how everyone is feeling.

What's covered

The importance of body language

How to identify ways people communicate without words

How to identify useful signals from body language

interpreting body language online training course

Why your teams need this course

Anyone who works with colleagues or customers will benefit from a greater understanding of body language. This course will help your teams identify the nonverbal social cues their colleagues, customers, and clients are giving them, so that they understand them and can respond in the right way.

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