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Course overview

Think back to a time when someone shouted an instruction at you. Do you remember how it made you feel? If you were at a football field, maybe it was appropriate for them to shout at you, but what if they shouted at you in a quiet office? 

Psychologists have found that the way we say things is very important. It’s even more impactful than the words we use. When we’re communicating our feelings, tone makes up a large part of face-to-face conversations. Over the phone, it’s the biggest influence by far. A negative tone can have a huge impact on colleagues, even if we’re telling them great news. By controlling their tone, your teams can make sure their conversations have the desired effect. This course will show them how.

What's covered

The importance of tone

How your tone of voice affects others and how to improve it

How to adopt ways of matching your tone to the situation

tone of voice online training course

Why your teams need this course

From managers to job applicants, employees of all experience levels can benefit from correctly matching their tone to the situation. When your staff learn about the impact different tones can have, they can use theirs to navigate any situation easily and successfully.

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