Communicating under Stress


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Course overview

Picture the scene: the phone is ringing nonstop, your boss has moved an important deadline, and you can’t figure out why your keyboard has stopped working. You turn on the lamp for a better look, but the light bulb has blown and, to top it all, you’ve just knocked your coffee over. Now you’re stressed.

Everyone has their breaking point. And when it comes, you want to let out those emotions. But you have to stay professional. When you feel that way, it can be difficult to stay calm and communicate effectively. Thankfully, there are ways to manage those feelings and speak and listen well in stressful situations. This course will show your teams how.

What's covered

How to identify stressful conditions that make it hard to communicate

How to communicate while in a stressful situation

How to speak well in stressful conditions

Ways to listen effectively under stress

communicating under stress online training course

Why your teams need this course

Everyone will face stressful situations in their job and can benefit from learning to communicate well under pressure. By improving the way your teams speak and listen, they can make sure that they’re communicating effectively in any situation.

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