Finance & The Role of Bookkeeping


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Duration 10'

No. of mini-lessons 4

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Course overview

Everyone knows how important bookkeepers are for business success. Without bookkeeping, it would be impossible to work out budgets, do accounts, or produce financial reports. And when you need to make financial decisions, you want to be sure that the information you’re working with is reliable.

With a better understanding of the role of bookkeeping, your managers can be more confident that the financial information they’re using is accurate. Bookkeeping is a key part of finance management. It forms the basis of other financial operations, such as analyzing business performance. And there are bookkeeping best practices that can influence business success. 

What's covered

The importance of bookkeeping in supporting finance management

Common bookkeeping mistakes

How to increase the reliability of bookkeeping through best practices

Why your teams need this course

Bookkeeping helps with making financial decisions, so this course is perfect for business leaders, team leaders, or managers. They’ll learn how bookkeeping fits into finance management and the advantages bookkeeping brings to business. This course will also explore common bookkeeping mistakes, and best practices to improve reliability.