Short-Term Cash Monitoring


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Course overview

Have you ever needed to make an unexpected purchase and suddenly discovered there’s not enough cash to pay for everything? Being short on cash can harm businesses. Even if the business is making a great overall annual profit, that doesn’t mean there won’t be cash-flow problems in the short term. That’s why short-term cash monitoring is so important.

When a business monitors short-term cash flows, it’s easier to plan and track finances. A cash-forecasting model, such as a 13-week cash flow, produces a better understanding of the amount of cash coming in and going out of a business. This is useful when your managers need to make short-term purchasing or budgeting decisions, and can help a business avoid a cash-flow crisis.

What's covered

The principles behind short-term cash modeling

The benefits of 13-week cash flows

How to create a 13-week cash-flow model

Why your teams need this course

It’s important to know how to monitor cash flows in any business. This course is suitable for business leaders, team leaders, and managers. They’ll learn about short-term cash modeling principles, the benefits of looking at short-term cash flows, and how to create a 13-week cash-flow model.

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