Giving Effective Feedback


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Course overview

Many things in life involve feedback, like your school reports for example. The feedback from your teachers gave you a good idea of whether you were doing ok, or if you “must try harder”! Without feedback, it’s difficult to decide if you’re on the right track, or completing tasks as they should be, so this makes it an essential part of achieving goals.

Effective feedback is essential in the workplace. It keeps employees firing on all cylinders – making sure they’re continually learning and developing – and adds value to their business. Without effective feedback, relationships can be damaged, employees can lose focus, and common mistakes can be made over and again.

What's covered

What effective feedback is

What are the benefits of effective feedback

How to give effective feedback

giving effective feedback online training course

Why your teams need this course

If you’re coaching work colleagues or employees, it’s vitally important to give them effective feedback. It can help save time in correcting mistakes and prevent further mistakes from being made. This course will explain what effective feedback is, how to give it successfully, and why giving effective feedback is so important.

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