Increasing Retention through Journey Mapping


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Course overview

Do you remember your 1st day at work? It’s an important stage in the workplace journey. When employees have positive experiences on their journey, they’re more likely to stay with the organization. But how do you know which areas of the employee experience to improve? Well, you need to map them.

Journey mapping tracks the experience of employees through key stages and memorable moments. From onboarding to offboarding, organizations need to assess those stages, so the employee experience can be optimized. When the employee journey is the best it can be, staff retention is much more likely

What's covered

What employee journey mapping for increased retention i

The stages of the employee journey

How to create an effective employee journey map

Why your teams need this course

Journey mapping reveals areas of the employee experience that can affect retention. Business leaders, team leaders, or managers who want to increase retention will benefit from this course. They’ll learn what employee journey mapping is, the stages of the employee journey, and how to create a journey map for the employee experience.

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