KPIs & The Golden Thread


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Course overview

Businesses use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure employee performance toward a specific objective. However, once your teams have set their objectives, it can be challenging to plan how they’re going to work toward them. That’s where something called “the Golden Thread” can help. 

The Golden Thread emphasizes the importance of maintaining accurate records of the activities of businesses and employees. Your teams can then follow these records to trace any action taken by an individual or the business. In this sense, the Golden Thread allows businesses to track KPIs more effectively and quickly identify areas of improvement.

What's covered

What the Golden Thread is and how it can affect your KPIs

How to apply the Golden Thread framework

How to iterate the established Golden Thread to reflect strategic changes within the business

Why your teams need this course

It’s important to ensure that everyone is clear about the organizational strategic goals and performance requirements. Utilizing KPIs and the Golden Thread can help employees understand how their specific role impacts the vision of the organization.

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