Reporting a Hazard


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Clowns – whether you love them, hate them, or find them terrifying, there’s no denying they’re hilariously accident-prone. A custard pie to the face, all 4 wheels falling off their car at the same time, or a bucket landing on their heads! They’re pretty hopeless at spotting hazards, but that’s all part of the show, right?

In the workplace, hazards are serious business though, so spotting and properly reporting them is vital. Getting it right could mean avoiding injury. Getting it wrong could result in anything from minor bumps and bruises to serious, or even fatal, accidents.

What's covered

The risks of not reporting hazards

The different types of hazards in your workplace

How to report hazards correctly

reporting a hazard online training course

Why your teams need this course

This course will help you spot different types of hazards in the workplace, show you how to report hazards correctly, and explain what might happen if you don’t report hazards properly. If you want your teams to stay safe in the workplace, this course is essential.

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