Social Media Security Awareness


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Duration 15'

No. of mini-lessons 2

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Course overview

When it’s used properly, social media is great for individuals and businesses. It lets people connect with other like-minded souls, provides a platform for advertising that reaches further than anything else, and makes communicating simple. But it does have its downsides. And in business, one of those is cyber-threats.

Your employees not having an awareness of social-media security can leave your business vulnerable. And it could be something small and seemingly insignificant that creates a risk. Like accidentally sharing an image, or getting duped by a fake account. So, it’s vital for them to understand what can, and does, go wrong, so they can avoid it.

What's covered

The main risks of social media to businesses

Identifying which risks a business is most vulnerable to

The appropriate actions to minimize risk to the business

Why your teams need this course

Whatever level your employees work at, they need to make sure their social-media activity doesn’t put their workplace at risk of cybercrime. This course looks at the common social-media risks that businesses can be vulnerable to, and what to do to minimize those risks.