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No. of mini-lessons 6

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Course overview

We all know technology is great. Take electric motors – they work exceptionally well for Tesla. They’re eco-friendly and quiet. The invention is also thrilling because Tesla’s customers expect innovative changes.

What would happen if you put an electric motor on the menu of the local Chinese restaurant though? Would those customers be as thrilled?

Unlikely. Now, this may sound far-fetched, but you’d be surprised how often technology is used incorrectly. Instead of helping, it makes jobs harder for staff and drives customers away from businesses.

When technology is used well, though, it can work wonders for a company, adding excitement, reducing workload and improving communication with customers.

But with so much tech out there, how do you choose what to use?

What's covered

Identify the differences between tangible technology and intangible technology

Understand connected personalization

Know what technology will make your customers’ lives easier

Put the customer ahead of data (GDPR)

Outsource technology

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Why your teams need this course

Whether it’s used for ordering equipment, creating an algorithm on your website, putting a purchase through the till or just making a phone call, technology is brilliant for building and improving businesses. But, used in the wrong way, technology can annoy customers, hinder their experience and create friction within the company. This course is essential training for anyone involved in customer-focused decision-making processes, as it shows you how to select the right technology for your company and how technology has the power to generate better customer service.