The Design Thinking Mindset


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Course overview

As humans, we’re naturally resistant to change. You love the cereal you buy every week, so why try anything new? The same attitude is often applied to our work, especially when everything seems to be running great. But sometimes we’re unaware of problems. Or, even worse, we know something could be done better but don’t have the time, resources, or opportunity to make changes. 

That’s where “design thinking” comes in. It’s not just a process, but a mindset that can help everyone identify workplace problems and then create and test solutions to them. Incorporating design thinking into current work methods and culture can sometimes be tricky, but this course will show everyone how.

What's covered

The key steps of design thinking

The potential barriers to using design thinking in the workplace

How to successfully apply design thinking in the workplace

Why your teams need this course

Everyone can make improvements in their workplace. Design thinking will help your teams spot any problems, and solve them, too. This course will introduce everyone to the key steps of design thinking, highlight some of the potential barriers to using it, and show your teams how they can apply design thinking in the workplace.

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