The Role of The Helpdesk


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Course overview

Working in customer service can be tricky. Your teams have internal priorities to juggle as well as making sure customers are kept happy. So, wouldn’t it be great if your employees had a technical helping hand to make sure your customers are never left feeling neglected? With a help desk, they can!

A help desk is a tool or platform which allows customer service teams to organize how they respond to customer queries. Help desks support customer service teams by giving technical support to end users, troubleshooting customer issues, and providing swift resolutions. This course will give your teams an introduction to using them.

What's covered

The role a help desk plays in customer service

The 6 functions a help desk goes through to offer technical support

Key metrics to measure the success of a help desk

Why your teams need this course

Help desks are a great way of streamlining customer service operations and increasing customer satisfaction. In this course your customer service teams will learn about the role of the help desk, how it functions, some key metrics to measure its success, and some best practices to follow.

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