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ΤalentLMS as an HR tool for virtual teams management!

ΤalentLMS as an HR tool for virtual teams management!Virtual teams are becoming a key element in modern organizations, as more and more enterprises tend to become international.

Human Resource experts* explain Virtual Working Teams as professionals which:

– Work in a team, in which team members are often widely dispersed geographically (and manage themselves with measured input from a corporate leadership)*
– Work from different job functions, departments, and even organizations, successfully collaborate on specific projects*
– Use sophisticated computer systems specifically developed to enable virtual team interactions and successful project outcomes*

Therefore, managing virtual teams has raised serious new challenges for HR departments, having to solve important issues such as training and material sharing among the members of the teams.

TalentLMS serves as an efficient answer to the problem of interacting with dispersed workers, offering clear solutions within a wide spectrum of functions.

More specifically, TalentLMS for virtual teams:

  1. Helps you standardize procedures: Every user/worker/learner gets the same content, presented in the same way. This way information never gets lost from one course to another, you can use and REUSE the same material for numerous of learners and you can always keep track of their progress (with tests, surveys etc). Standard procedures and material also gives you credit on the eyes of the dispersed learners.
  2. Works for you anytime, anyplace: Time difference is a big issue for virtual workers. ΤalentLMS is there 24/7 for anyone to use no matter where they are located on the planet. Also, you maintain the ability to manage any changes automatically. You can modify courses, update instructions and have them all available instantly.
  3. Improves levels of participation. Real-time availability for your online course can help you arrange for more participants, instead of having to coordinate specific people with specific specialties every time you need to run a course. The “Branches” function included in TalentLMS gives you even more advantages on this.


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*Readings: Ginsburg, J.P. (2009), Determining the personality characteristics that identify a successful global virtual team member. Retrieved from ProQuest Digital Dissertations. (ID 305128078).

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