Business Analysis Technique – Six Thinking Hats


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Course overview

Everyone has an instinctive way of thinking. But if they only see a problem from 1 perspective, they might miss some important insights. And if you have too many conflicting views in your teams, that may lead to confusion. 

Your managers and teams can step beyond instinctive thinking patterns by using the “Six Thinking Hats” technique. This is a tool that helps your managers solve problems and make better decisions. It offers a structure for exploring an issue in 6 different ways, improves creativity, and gets the whole team involved in the decision-making process.

What's covered

The Six Thinking Hats technique

The benefits of using the Six Thinking Hats technique

How to carry out a Six Thinking Hats analysis

Why your teams need this course

Business analysts, project and program managers, and business leaders need excellent decision-making and problem-solving skills, so this course is ideal. They’ll find out all about the Six Thinking Hats Technique, its benefits, and how to perform a Six Thinking Hats analysis.

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