Choosing a Cloud Vendor


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Course overview

Trying to choose a cloud vendor to take care of your organization’s data can feel overwhelming for your IT teams. There are so many potential vendors out there, and so many aspects to consider when choosing.

These days, organizations can’t afford not to engage with cloud services, as they can bring huge benefits to businesses. New potential vendors appear regularly, and it’s challenging to figure out which one is the best match for your organization. Recognizing the main different types of cloud services will help your IT teams and security managers make sense of what’s being offered. And understanding what to consider when choosing a vendor will help them make the right choice. 

What's covered

The 3 main types of cloud services

The importance of scalability

The key considerations to explore when choosing a cloud vendor that meets your organization’s needs

Why your teams need this course

Everyone working in an IT environment needs to understand what to consider when choosing a cloud vendor. This course will help them make sense of the main types of cloud services offered by vendors. It’ll also help them understand the key considerations to explore when choosing a vendor, including scalability.

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