Closing Difficult Deals


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“Coffee is for closers” – a great quote from a 90s movie. It means that the appropriate time to relax is when the deal is done. You’ve got a great product, and your salespeople are confident. But sometimes closing a deal can be more difficult than it seems.

In this high-pressure sales world, your salespeople simply don’t have the time to waste on deals that can drag on for weeks – especially if they’re pretty sure these interactions won’t end in a sale. But there are ways your sales teams can make deals happen, even with noncommittal prospects, and other customers who they are finding it difficult to lose deals with.

What's covered

How to improve your negotiation skills

The potential factors of a negotiation, including persistence and influencing

Developing a compelling offer

closing difficult deals online training course

Why your teams need this course

Confident or not, even the best salesperson sometimes requires that extra little push to make a good deal come to fruition. Closing that deal is arguably the most important part of the sales cycle. This course will show your salespeople ways to negotiate and make compelling offers and help them to better understand the importance of influencing.

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