Conceptual Selling


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Course overview

“You aren’t selling a car… you’re selling a dream!” Conceptual selling focuses on the idea that prospects buy the concept that a product is based on. In other words, they buy the concept of the solution and not the solution itself. For example, a car salesperson might explain how a competitor’s vehicle may have specific, future issues, which their model avoids.

This process adopts 5 stages of questions: confirmation, new information, attitude, commitment, and basic-issue questions. A salesperson who uses conceptual selling helps their prospect visualize their future needs and positions their product as the solution. This course will explain how to do it.

What's covered

What conceptual selling is and how to apply it as a salesperson

The 5 stages of questions in conceptual selling

Essential conceptual selling tips

Why your teams need this course

The conceptual-selling methodology helps avoid listing the generic features and benefits of a product. Conceptual selling can help show prospects how a specific product can help them. This course will help learners understand the conceptual-selling methodology and how to adopt the 5 stages of questions in conceptual selling. They’ll also learn essential conceptual-selling tips to encourage a successful sale.

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