Copywriting Essentials


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No. of mini-lessons 4

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Course overview

Imagine a world without words. Well-written, engaging words are important to every business. Why? Because well-crafted copywriting is a direct conversation with your audience. If you get it right and hit the right emotion, a single line of narrative can convince individuals to take action. That action might be purchasing something, leaving an email address, or choosing you over a competitor. This course will show your teams the basics of copywriting.

What's covered

How to write creative copy that readers will remember

The dos and don'ts of creating outstanding copy

Why emotion is used in persuasive copywriting

How to identify unique value propositions to easily explain product benefits

Why your teams need this course

Copywriting is one of the most fundamental parts of marketing and advertising. It starts with a content plan, and it provides the bedrock for all good campaigns. Copy should make the audience feel, think, or respond. People act on emotion. After reading it, they should be intrigued, and left wanting more.This course will show your teams how to write good copy.

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