Dealing with Stressful Situations


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Course overview

We’ve all been there. An unhappy customer holds you up while the line of shoppers waiting to pay gets longer and longer. Your stress levels are rising. You need to figure out a way to resolve the situation and get the line moving, or you’re going to have even more unhappy customers to deal with. So, what do you do?

Being able to deal with stressful situations will help your retail teams thrive. If they understand why situations can become stressful, they can prepare for them. Once a stressful event develops, it’s useful to know the most effective action to take. And being able to manage and reduce their own levels of stress will help them keep their cool.

What's covered

Why situations become stressful

How to handle stressful situations

How to implement techniques to manage stress

Why your teams need this course

Anyone starting out in retail will benefit from taking this course. They’ll learn why stressful situations occur, discover how to deal with them, and learn techniques that will help them handle their own levels of stress.

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