Email Etiquette


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Course overview

For many of us, email makes up the bulk of our professional communication on a day-to-day basis. And receiving an email with an impolite tone or a reply that doesn’t answer all of our questions can be frustrating. Email etiquette is like a code of conduct that can help you to make sure the emails you send are professional and effective. 

Communicating via email is every bit as important as speaking directly to colleagues and customers. Embracing email etiquette will help your teams communicate clearly and effectively, and it will allow the email recipients to see your teams and their work in the best possible light.

What's covered

What email etiquette is

The benefits of embracing email etiquette

How to use best practices when sending an email

email etiquette online training course

Why your teams need this course

Implementing good email etiquette will allow your teams to make the best possible impression on existing business contacts and customers. This course will help ensure that their e-correspondence reflects well on them and your organization.

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